APP mess behind: who to protect intelligent ambry user privacy?

2014-11-12 15:04:05 hh

      Recently, the central net letter LuHui, director of the office in advance network space under the rule of law in the seminar, according to the national network letter will do stage app application development management measures, to regulatory mobile industry all kinds of chaos.Rapid social development, made with science and technology as the carrier of all kinds of apps, disturb people in malignant apps does not exclude the part under the premise of normal life, it is to promote the development of many industries.Ambry industry "modern science and technology" on board the train, the APP also connected with naturally.

       APP outbreak, smart cabinet crisis in "seconds"    
      Penetration of science and technology in ambry industry intelligent makes the life of people gradually, in the moment of ambry market, all kinds of intelligent ambry emerge in endlessly.With the development of the smart cabinet, with the aid of cell phones and other mobile terminals ambry also gradually popular, at the same time, use the phone APP to implement the intelligent of the cabinet is also very common.However, as a matter of electronic technology, the rise of the APP while solved the intelligent people on some products, and it is also popular is a variety of viruses, steal the user information, etc.Some smart cabinet in use process need to use the phone APP to manipulation of cabinet products, APP flood of viruses is a certain level of intelligence ambry presents a threat to the privacy of users.In all kinds of APP mess behind, it is to ambry enterprise of torture: who exactly protect intelligent ambry user privacy?      Kitchen equipment
      According to relevant data show that in the first half of 2014, the android system infection users reached 89.2352 million, more than population in jiangsu province, is 3.68 times that of the android system infections to the user in the whole year of 2012.Among them, the android mobile phone virus types in the top three, respectively to get the materials consumption, privacy and hooliganism, accounted for 53.59%, 22.08% and 6.02% respectively.System failure, remote control, spread malicious accounted for 3.35%, 2% and 3.35% respectively.Starting in August this year, steal the virus of privacy than beyond tariffs consumption virus for the first time, with 34.62% of the proportion occupies the first place.
      In the whole ambry industry for the future of intelligent ambry market prospects have quite big expectations, at this point the APP virus derived speed is undoubtedly pours cold water for the ambry enterprise, in the face of the embarrassing situation, future of smart cabinet also to some extent in slim.
      To protect user privacy, ambry enterprise need to conquer technical difficulties
      The emergence of the smart cabinet for the whole ambry industry is of promoting significance, compared with traditional cabinets in terms of product, it fundamentally makes the contemporary science and technology and the organic combination of household products, is the product of the era of science and technology.Ambry industry development in China more than 20 years, the crossover between both enterprises, or customized phenomenon is the emergence of the whole industry towards the positive direction, smart cabinet under the background of this industry, relying on scientific and technological content, also become preeminent.In the APP, however, the virus has serious flood current, strengthen the security systems, intelligent mobile terminal APP ambry ambry enterprise is a self-evident responsibility in it.
      On the security system of intelligent mobile terminal APP ambry, ambry enterprise still need efforts from the following two aspects: on the one hand, to strengthen the monitoring system of intelligent ambry use terminal.When smart ambry mobile terminal by a virus, this kind of monitoring system can send to the user, through the phone enables users to understand existing virus invasion, and the fact that will pose a threat to privacy.Ambry of intelligent monitoring requires in product system combined with the monitoring system, analyze the suspicious message and isolation.On the other hand, is a security system.Anti-theft system is needed in the process of the research and development of intelligent ambry, placing alarm function.Because APP virus as a kind of network news, users cannot easily be identified, so the alarm function is particularly important.
      Intelligent people enjoying the life experience, to pay more attention to their own privacy.Smart cabinet while get the favour of consumers on the function, however if security is unable to conquer, will also become a big obstacle to its development path.Frequent APP mess behind for smart cabinet research and development personnel of torture, is also in the test of ambry enterprise of the present.Protect user privacy, or become ambry enterprise open markets and a way of using smart products.