On the premise of professional ambry enterprise diversification

2014-11-12 15:09:11 hh

       In this rapidly changing s, ambry enterprise in developing all the time facing all kinds of decisions.Approaching the electricity force, the enterprise should also open online way?In all the time, to cross-border tour company is, it will move?And in the direction of customization, enterprise whether should give up traditional standardization?It is involved in the development of enterprises "addition and subtraction problems", also is the development of the enterprise will face almost all the ambry.
        Add or subtract?Ambry enterprise's development
       Any enterprise's development has a foundation, which is the core of its development, ambry enterprise is no exception.Some ambry company is famous for its excellent quality, some is famous for its high quality service, and some are famous brands at home and abroad and win.However, in this era of market competition is fierce, ambry enterprise needs to change to get further development.
        So what is you should go to the branches and leaves do subtraction, let focus on professional achievement;Or want to open branch leaf addition, with diversified comprehensive development?Especially in today's electricity, customization and everyone in the choice of more and more situation, ambry enterprise are going to have to make more long-term development plans.       Stainless steel workbench
        Actually addition subtraction of enterprise development is a kind of metaphor, popular: specialization and diversification.Was never meant to be "competitor", the two only because when discussing, easy to stand on a different position.However carefully want to add and subtract should be a sequence, the specialization is the basic, only the most professional do the ambry enterprise, can have more energy to do addition, let the enterprise diversification, otherwise will only two thankless, finally flopped.
       Such event in the history of not a few, once the giant in foundation instability, blind self-confidence, abandon their own core business - computer, and to the real estate, until the last leave a rotten poop "giant building".The 21st early technology giants, China - top software is also for this reason, in their own strength is insufficient, is still expanding, finally lead to a period, recovered.
         If add dangerous, so whether ambry enterprise should only do subtraction, abandon addition?It doesn't have to be, do the addition or subtraction, it should be depends on the present situation of the enterprise at present!