The EU plans to revise laws and regulations about gas appliances

2014-11-13 10:31:44 hh

       The EU has announce the WTO secretariat, entitled the regulations of the European parliament and council on gas utensils proposal/COM (2014) 258 final version (G/TBT/N/EU / 220).
       This proposal will replace the directive 2009/142 / EC, in do not change the scope of directive 2009/142 / EC of the cases, some of the rules to make the necessary updates and clarify.These regulations involving the main part of the specific definition, eu member states about the gas supply conditions for the content and form of communication, and the relationship between the other eu unified regulations about the gas appliances, as well as some basic requirements in order to achieve the target, reducing ambiguity.
       The provisions of this regulations proposal of NLF resolution is the same.The notification regulations to date to the middle of 2015, was approved to effective date for 20 days since the eu official gazette published.
       The kitchen equipment enterprises in China will be a big challenge!