Hisense to enter the kitchen electric industry, with shandong hutch electricity thirty percent market next year

2014-11-13 10:44:47 hh

      Previously, domestic kitchen electric industry "rumor" : hisense group kitchen electric appliances bibcock forthcoming products.The personage inside course of study analysis, "speculation", if verified, relying on strong hisense brand charisma, hisense electric kitchen will shake the current pattern kitchen electric industry at a stroke, let the fierce competition of market reshuffle.

      On November 7, 2014, rumours conclusive.Long-simmering hisense electric kitchen "Qingdao first co" in gome's Hong Kong middle road shop.As hisense kitchen electrical appliances market in Qingdao so far into the focus of the largest KA stores, the store is expected to break three million annual sales scale.

      We have learned, hisense electric kitchen products will follow hisense brand is delicate, humanistic characteristics.On the overall concept, hisense electric kitchen products with "cutting-edge technology enjoyed cooking" as the theme, launched the first smoke lampblack machine, kitchen burning gas, disinfection cabinet, three kinds of products.New design of this year's "king machine" CXW - 230 - HT701 machine with unique industry the infamous "hump" turbo noise reduction volute tongue collocation original 77 mm deep approach smoke chamber structure, combined with "turbofan guide vane pressurization technology" effectively improve ventilation efficiency, greatly have lifted two or three line market of product quality.

      Hisense hutch defends electric appliance sales manager Mr. Ding said, hisense hutch defends electric appliance has been in the past few years accumulation period: one is the brand accumulation, 2 it is to research and development technology accumulation, three is a service, talent, accumulation system such as the background.Hisense hutch defends electric appliance has been focusing on the ground, now foundation is good, deep rapid expansion will follow.Hisense next year will be held in Qingdao region even 7 stores, full access to Qingdao, hutch defends electric appliance market, opened the depth development of 2015 year won shandong hutch 3 into electricity market sales targets.

      In the Chinese home appliance industry, kitchen electricity market has been considered "the last piece of cake" profits.Released this year, the state of the new urbanization strategy to further speed up the urbanization process, the market environment recovery and consumption upgrade, is expected to further stimulate the market demand.Technology and industry upgrade created opportunities for new products to enter.Especially last year October 1 national oil absorption the formal implementation of the new efficiency standards, to a certain extent, to stimulate the transformation and upgrading of kitchen electric market.Hisense into at this time, kitchen electrical new products.

      Analysis of the people in employment, in kitchen electric field with hisense, means China's kitchen electricity market will more a comprehensive home appliance brand.Hisense suddenly entered the kitchen electric industry, it is obviously to see the kitchen electric industry reshuffle since this year, and the turning point of industry development.This into the selection of hisense, provides a more appropriate opportunity.

      From the perspective of the industry layout of hisense, kitchen electrical products for hisense electric strategy of "whole home appliance" perfect palace.Previously, hisense electric products have covered the sitting room and dining-room, and hisense electric kitchen series, the product coverage to the kitchen again later, will further enhance the brand influence and users of hisense electric coverage.Relying on the strong brand advantage and improve the system of market channels and hisense is expected to be shard hutch electricity market the profit "the last piece of cake", change the kitchen electricity market pattern