Mobile terminal or into ambry enterprise key direction of the future

2014-11-14 10:18:54 hh

       With the constant change of consumption pattern, mode and the upcoming O2O scene, scene era, the use of the five technical force, focus on their linkage effect, and to show consumers such as consumers, patients, the audience or travelers life, payment, to see the doctor technology trend of the era of a real scene.The future of the Internet enterprise core competition is the scenario.Can say, who can occupy the scene, can win the future.Ambry(Kitchen equipment、hotel kitchen equipment) industry is relatively backward traditional industries, in recent years the electricity that the transformation of the opportunity, and in the coming era of the scene, ambry electric business enterprise and how to choose to meet this change?
      The new form to collect data
      Now many companies doing O2O, offline layout outlets free WiFi service, the service not only meet the needs of users, at the same time sensor automatically collect user in the retention period of stores and browse the trajectory data.Take home electricity enterprises, users in a certain place the resident time, data collected online access through the sensor, can analyze the consumers like the furniture design, style, etc.Ambry enterprise can also through learning this new form for data collection, to grasp the consumer preferences, which have to make a plan.

      Mobile terminal is the important direction of the future
      The mobile Internet, for household electric business enterprise is the transition of traditional mode to the Internet.Most of the household electricity enterprise layout a lot of app, these applications are set decoration services, designed to share, designers to make an appointment and other integrated services.Many domestic outfit electric business enterprise APP implements the user door model figure to upload or automatically choose the APP model figure, so as to design the model solution.This is very similar to ikea furniture fitting, that paragraph of time see AR technology can be applied to domestic outfit, with scenes of intelligent is the direction of the future.If ambry enterprise can use this form in place, you can discover many potential customers, also can master the forefront of fashion trends, thus since.
      Break through the fortress, bold change
      Under the impetus of the power of science and technology, the setting of O2O intelligence is not far away.Smart home and furniture seamless docking, for example, can give customers a unique consumption experience.So, ambry enterprise form change, also should have the experience of family function model.Now intelligent O2O scenario is simple and convenient consumption experience gradually on the horizon.And the cooperation of intelligent cabinets and other household products, also can form in household a certain amount of purchase rate and affiliate marketing strategy.
      Traditional furniture industry, constrained by the large market and will continue to survive, but always need to break the barriers of self protection;If ambry electricity can pass through O2O mode, with the most simple way to transparently scene, is presented to consumers, will get more opportunities.