Saturated market space, ambry enterprise must set up a new market segment

2014-11-14 10:26:13 hh

      At present, the level of competition of ambry industry has entered a white-hot, and the enterprises in the furniture industry in order to in order to raise more capital market and occupy more market space, also repeatedly staged drama of cross-border ambry industry.But compared with the crossover, market segmentation within the industry, develop new profit space, more practical for ambry enterprise.
      Personalization can be further subdivided market
      With the increase of competition and market saturation, ambry enterprise in shaping the brand, channel development and maintenance aspects such as input costs are rising, and the raw material and labor costs increased, the merchant's profit is more and more thin.In order to survive, enterprises must set up a new market segment.Personalization is undoubtedly a segment enterprises break through the old market dilemma of hope.

Market segmentation refers to the certain standards to identify the different needs of consumers in the overall market, and classifying, composed of several paper generalizes activities.Market segmentation is the basis of choosing target market, in order to guarantee the effect of market segmentation, it is necessary to define the standard of market segmentation.The so-called standard of market segmentation is based on what factors to subdivide the market, it should be said that all factors can influence consumer demand difference can become the standard of ambry market segmentation.
      Ambry enterprises should improve their comprehensive strength
      Only to have the opportunity to prepare the people, this is the same in business competition law.Competition for customized market segment, not like integral ambry industry development initial period come "moderate".After years of development, the number of ambry enterprise have multiplied, the market space is becoming more and more narrow, the market demand is saturated.In order to speed up the development, various enterprises inevitably to find new market, will certainly not miss customized market segment the opportunity of "gold rush", the competitive level.
       Ambry enterprise wants to stand out in the industry, to become outstanding person, must not only improve the comprehensive strength, but also have great wisdom, in the face of industry ready at any time.To segment assigned to the "cake", ambry enterprise must strengthen the consciousness of brand, strengthening brand construction, enhance the brand tensile force.In addition, there is no shortcut.