Personality kitchen hand made, WANCHU kitchen cabinet private tailored for you

2014-11-15 10:01:13 hh

       Recently, the prime minister li keqiang pointed out that the key to promote housing consumption.To consumption, consumption and consumption."Consumption", "dare to consumption" is the consumer personal subjective question, but how to let the consumer "think consumer", is the enterprise has been trying to do.To consumer, must first solve the food and clothing.The kitchen is to bear the important task in the housing units.Comes at a time when the custom home, the ambry business owners why not "push" consumers, help the owner make a fashionable personalized kitchen?The development of economy, improvement of living standards, make people to kitchen facilities become more and more attention, more and more is also high to the requirement of ambry.In this context, the integral ambry custom's popularity, in addition to because its appearance style more unified, easier then was the key to attract consumers.
     According to a household satisfaction survey, 76% of customers are not satisfied with the traditional furniture mode, with nearly 80% of the reason is related to the custom.Furniture and decorate a style to incongruous accounted for 56%;Furniture size inappropriate cause low space utilization rate of 22%.Thus, integral ambry custom has great market space.
      Personality kitchen hand made, kitchen cabinet private tailored for you
      Make personality kitchen as a first step, choose custom brand of fashion environmental protection ambry is very important.First of all, to fashion and beautiful appearance, can satisfy now young people the pursuit of personality, show personal charm.Second, the cabinet must be healthy environmental protection, durable.Compared to solid wood cabinets, stainless steel metal feeling with strong urban fashionable breath, more can highlight the uniqueness of the kitchen.
"Do with traditional wooden cabinets, stainless steel workbench ambry design basically can do the same, including the design and color is this, whether do wood grain, leather grain, and other color, all can be done to completely; the design, we have a professional design team behind, whether the design of design and color, and style, we can according to the requirements of the 8090 after this to order it."All stainless steel kitchen cabinet s told reporters.High quality food grade 304 stainless steel at the same time, the waterproof acidproof alkali, and with long do not fade, changeless form.Formaldehyde-free, zero pollution, really takes the concept of health is blended in among them.
      Easier then, it is now one of the reasons many young consumers choose custom cabinets.Industry of the fierce competition between enterprises, enterprises in order to grab the consumer all work hard, do market research such as consumer preferences, customer psychology, etc.Service pattern more and more, also more and more human and nature is becoming more and more consumer "lazy", what's easier then how to save time.
      The quality of stainless steel kitchen cabinets customization integration service is more popular.From pre-sales to after-sale, is consistent.Pre-sale professional staff come to measure design, both individual be fond of you choose flexible form module, to provide you personal exclusive cabinet design;Sale and install if arrange professional staff to help you solve the problem of trouble also hired a worker to install;And to provide quality after-sales service, all steel ambry warranty 10 years, 30 years warranty commitment., of course, the most attractive is that it offers a variety of platforms, in addition to its own individuality website and weibo, provides more humanized micro letter platform, let you go, can fast and convenient contact hutch, serve you wholeheartedly.
      To kitchen you can there are many kinds of idea, fortunately, in either, all kitchen cabinets can help you to realize, our design is the result of your idea.